Attack on Terry Cullen and his Conservancy

Terry Cullen has maintained strong professional and working relationships with reptile professionals around the globe. The current allegations against him are based on spurious media reports, unreliable information and bad reporting, sensational innuendo and frank ignorance of the animals in his care and their needs. There are individuals and entities with certain agendas who are attempting to incriminate Terry and damage his character and reputation.

Terry Cullen’s lifetime of work has been the exact opposite of what he’s being charged with. For example, rather than being “cruel” to animals, Terry and his conservancy hold a number of longevity records for various difficult to maintain species. There are countless examples of Terry and his organization successfully breeding animals rarely bred elsewhere. Cullen and his conservancy were known for taking in animals that were no longer exhibitable. In many cases, these animals were ill, deformed, disfigured or nutritionally deprived.

The animals at issue in Terry’s case were in good health and in much better condition than when they originally arrived from various facilities, institutions and individuals. Many of these facilities and institutions, with their limited expertise, were unable or unwilling to provide adequate care for the animals.

Anthony Cotton, Cullen’s attorney, recently stated to media: “The animals at issue in this case were largely healthy and in good shape at the time they were seized. Those that weren’t were sent to Mr. Cullen in the same or worse condition than they were found.” The evidence in this case confirms this statement. Every single one of Terry’s animals was seized from him by the police and the Milwaukee Area Domestic Control Commission. (“MADCC”). According to MADCC, many of the species in Terry’s care were not the usual animals MADACC (is it MADACC or MADCC) handles from day to day.

Cullen further possesses over 45 years of hands-on experience that the local authorities neither possess nor have access to. At the very least, this organization is challenged by their facility and management relating to the care and understanding of animals. They are a kill facility and their primary business is euthanasia. Remember, their site is (not .org).

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that none of the animals in Terry’s care died as a result of mistreatment. Indeed, while Terry is the one who has been charged with “mistreatment” and “cruelty” it is MADCC that has euthanized countless numbers of his animals. Upon seizing the Giant African Pouch Rats, the authorities promptly euthanized the healthy animals.

While Terry is charged with serious crimes against his animals, it was the Milwaukee Police Department that broke down his door, and summarily executed two of his four dogs. These dogs were like children to Terry. Mysteriously, not a single police report exists that would explain the senseless shooting of these dogs. However, a former FBI forensic expert reconstructed the shooting and determined that the dogs were in “retreat posture” when the police shot them. This execution, captured to some extent on video, was horrific and unnecessary. Law enforcement has yet to be held accountable for their crimes against Terry’s precious animals.


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