Terry Cullen’s Professional Reputation

Terry Cullen is a peaceful man who has devoted his life and resources to the research and conservation of threatened and endangered species, habitats, and mankind’s relationship with the wild world. Known and respected by the international scientific animal community, Terry Cullen is considered among the top experts in the world in the study and care of crocodilians and reptiles, and has worked with hundreds of species in his career.

His work has provided us with new and surprising glimpses into the actual lives and characters of many heretofore misunderstood or mischaracterized animals; the Cuban Crocodile being a prime example. Once thought to be terribly ferocious, the Cuban Crocodile has an exaggerated feeding response and is not the ferocious crocodilian some suggest.

During his career, Terry Cullen has stayed out of the limelight and has instead focused his efforts on conservation, public programs, grass roots education, mentoring and working with school children. Cullen often refrains from self-promotion; his work speaks for itself.


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